Friday, June 23, 2006

Pope Condemns LTTE's barbarism

Pope Benedict XVI in a message of condolence said that His Holiness was deeply saddened to learn of the great loss of life in the bus explosion which killed 68 innocent civilians and injured more than 90 civilians in Kebithigollawa of Northern Sri Lanka.

The message signed by Cardinal Angelo Sodano, Secretary of State has offered his prayers during the times of sorrow.

"To the Civil and Religious Authorities in Sri Lanka

"His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI was deeply saddened to learn of the great loss of life in the bus explosion in northern Sri Lanka, and he extends heartfelt condolences to the families of those who died and assures them of his prayers during this time of sorrow.

In a special way the Holy Father appeals to all in the region to renounce violence which causes so much suffering to civilian populations, and instead to embrace the way of lasting peace. Praying for those who have been injured and for the eternal repose of the dead, he invokes upon all the afflicted the Almighty's blessings of comfort and strength."


Terror-Terror, Trigger-Terror, Prabha-Terror, Tiger-Terror!

Kandiah Karunakaran, Analaitivu , Sri Lanka

The actions of Velupillai Pirabaharan, the leader of Tamil Tigers prove he is real tiger, four-footed but two of them hands. The only business he knows is killing. He killed Kalvian Kaadu Chetty, the person who named the group "Tamil Tigers" and the original leader of the Tiger group.

Then Pirabaharan tried to kill the next leader of Tigers, Uma Maheswaran in a shoot out in India . He killed the founding members of the Tigers, Michael and Pat Kunam. Pirabaharan himself tipped off the Police about the then leaders of Tigers, Kuttimani and Thangathurai and their whereabouts. This incident led to Kuttimani and Thangathurai’s incarceration until their terrible deaths in the Welikade jail.

Pirabaharan killed all the persons he worked with before he became the leader of the Tigers. He even killed the last surviving Tiger group founding member Sabalingam who was residing in France , because Sabalingam started writing about Pirabaharan's power hungry killings.

After Pirabaharan became the leader of the Tigers, he started killing all Tamil political leaders, elected mayors, university professors and many innocent Tamils who had criticized Tigers. Pirabaharan banned all Tamil political organizations for the last twenty years and finally the international community including USA , Canada , European Union , India and Australia have banned the Tigers, mainly due to Tigers' continuous use of child soldiers and their terror activities.

Pirabaharan also killed hundreds of people who were members and supporters of Tamil political organizations. Pirabaharan killed the Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. He even killed the Sri Lankan President Premadasa who had provided helicopter loads of weapons and money to Tigers and the ministers Wijeratne, Athulath Muthali and Dissanayake.

Pirabaharan clearly knows that under any circumstances except at gunpoint, majority of Tamils won't accept his leadership. That's why he killed all other Tamil Political leaders, to become as the so-called "Sole Leader of Tamils".

Ramachandran a.k.a MGR, former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, a South Indian State , gave Pirabaharan more than 1.25 billion rupees in 1985. Tamils provided their support to Tigers at gunpoint only and never helped Tigers to grow to this extent. Without MGR massive financial support and Premadasa's supply of weapons and money, Tigers won't exist today.

Tigers are terror loving trigger-happy killers, created by MGR and Premadasa. Tigers' killings are severely affecting the future of Tamils since the killings created a huge political vacuum.

Most of the young people who are younger than 35 years, do not know the history of Tigers. They believe that, Tigers became so powerful, because of continuous outpouring support from majority of the Tamils,

If Tamils like Tigers, why is Greater Colombo flooded with Tamils from Tiger controlled areas? If majority of Tamils like Tigers, Tiger controlled areas should be flooded with Tamils from other areas. Why are Tamils trying to escape Tiger controlled areas, rather than migrating to Tiger controlled area?

If Tigers lift the exit pass system and allow free movement in the Tiger controlled areas, except the people on Tigers' payroll, every body else will leave Tiger controlled area. The only supporters of Tigers are that they either do not know anything about Tigers or gain benefits from Tigers.

Why are even Pirabaharan's daughter Thurga and wife Mathi Vathani living abroad, rather than in Tiger controlled areas? Why are none of the Tamil business people investing in Tiger controlled areas? Why are even farmers leaving Tiger controlled areas? Why are Tamils living abroad trying to help their relatives to leave Tiger controlled areas? In Tiger controlled areas nobody can express any political opinions or different ideas.

Only things allowed to say are those that support Tigers. No way can anyone criticize Tigers and live the next day in a Tiger controlled area. Tigers that do not care about human lives will never understand even the basics of human rights. Even the hardcore Tiger supporters are not willing to relocate to Tiger controlled areas.

Majority of the Tamil refugees, who claimed asylum in western countries, told the authorities that they were running away from Tigers. If majority of Tamils who live abroad support Tigers, why do they have to be threatened to collect money for Tigers as reported by the Human Rights Watch?

If majority of the Tamils who live abroad support Tigers, those Tamils would line up in front of the Tiger branch offices to drop off money. The major serious problem Tamils are facing right now is there are hundreds of very young terror loving trigger happy Tigers who know only one thing, which is killing another human. Last thirty years, Tigers killed more Tamils than any body else. Also more Tigers were killed by Pirabaharan than any body else.

Majority of Sri Lankan Tamils are patiently hoping, praying and waiting for a new young democratic political visionary as a leader. Until then, gunpoint Tiger culture and never ending killing spree by Tigers will grow and continue.

Kandiah Karunakaran could be contacted on email:

Editor’s Comment:

This highly poignant, deeply touching and heart rending account by Kandiah Karunakaran from Analaitivu, one of the outer Jaffna islands, expresses most pointedly the utterly destructive features of Prabhakaran. Written by a man who evidently was educated in Tamil, his obvious limitations in English were not a barrier to express his feelings, which must truly be that of thousands of Tamils forced under the terror rule of a madman.

This heart-crushed person broke the barriers of language to communicate effectively the terror-trapped dilemma of his community. We commend his concern for the community, his guts and courage. We are sure, and it is also obvious to us, that in the horizon there is a surge developing and the waves are beginning to roll and roar and it is just a matter of time, before a kind of tsunami will hit Wanni with such force, the rule of the utterly sick man will come to an end with one hell of a wave.

We also like to make a note here that the so-called fund help for the Tigers from M G Ramachandran was a cover-up. This fund was launched in 1987 in the US by a group of Sri Lankan Tamil expatriates led by three doctors who met in Connecticut . Mr Amirthalingam who was at that time the Leader of the Opposition was present at that meeting.

It Mr Amirthalingam who carried the first contribution which included a donation of US$50,000 from a Tamil doctor, the son of a Jaffna school principal, banked it in Geneva on his way into an account that was opened in the name of Mr Ramachandran. It was into this account, funds flowed from the US .

Mr Amirthalingam who along with his wife were the earliest of Prabhakaran’s supporters, called him 'Thambi' affectionately and even encouraged him to become active in the movement from the time Mayor Alfred Duryappah was murdered near their home in Ponnalai.

True to his image, the Tigers killed him as well. Those who are familiar with the story of the Russell's Viper will understand the agony of Mrs Amirthalingam. Even if we feed the viper with milk, it is bound to strike you back with it's poison.

If the Government of Sri Lanka consider him as the leader of the Tamils and still insist on talking to him to settle the ethnic crisis, then they are only setting a viper on the Tamils.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A nation suffers from the world's most barbaric Terrorism

On May 14, 1985, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam carried out a massacre in Anuradhapura, gunning down 146 civilians as they prayed at a Buddhist shrine. That bestial act was a turning point in the conflict in Sri Lanka. It told the world that in the lexicon of the LTTE's `liberation' ideology, there is no place for humane conduct. Almost to the day 21 years later, as if to mark the anniversary of that attack, the LTTE has carried out another horrific massacre in Anuradhapura. Inevitably, there will be those who argue that it was the European Union ban that drove the LTTE to carry out this claymore mine attack on a bus carrying innocent men, women, and children. They must pause to think that had V. Prabakaran's organisation been a sincere partner in the attempt to find a negotiated, peaceful solution to the ethnic conflict, its effort would have been to tell the world after the European ban how wrong and misled this group of 25 countries was in judging its character; it would have gone out of its way to project itself as a reasonable organisation; it would have negotiated with maturity at Oslo and agreed to revive the stalled second round of talks at Geneva. But instead of Geneva 2, the LTTE served up Anuradhapura 2. That should be enough to banish the last lingering doubts about the wisdom of the EU ban.

In the two decades that separate the two massacres, the LTTE has shown on countless occasions that it revels in violence and terrorism as "political strategy," wearing this proudly as a badge of honour. It has directed violence against Tamils and Muslims to silence those who oppose it in these communities and to establish decisively its hegemony over them. Against the Sinhalese, the Tigers use violence again and again, hoping to provoke the majority community into unleashing an orgy of revenge attacks against the minority Tamils. The LTTE awaits such an opportunity to justify its own existence and Pol Potist methods. But this is not 1983. It may remain where it was then, but the Sri Lankan state has matured almost beyond recognition to realise that it has to be accountable to all its citizens, irrespective of ethnicity or religion. There was an unfortunate lowering of guard by the Government in Trincomalee a few weeks ago, when the LTTE deliberately stoked up anti-Tamil sentiment in the Sinhala community. But President Mahinda Rajapakse was alert enough to prevent the situation from spinning out of control. After the attack on the bus, the Sri Lankan Government carried out retaliatory strikes on LTTE positions in the North-East, just as it did following a suicide bomber's attempt to kill the Army chief. Whether a war can be averted at this stage is uncertain. But under no circumstance must the Rajapakse Government get provoked into a conflict in which the worst sufferers will be the people of Sri Lanka. India and the world must express their firm solidarity with Sri Lanka during this time of troubles.

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