Thursday, September 28, 2006

LTTE mortar shelling injures a Tsunami victim- Ampara

The LTTE terrorists launched an indiscriminate mortar shelling, targeting the Special Task Force' (STF) camp at Sangamankanda and the compound of Tsunami rehabilitation camp in the area this morning at 7.15 (Thursday the 28th of September).

A lady who is a resident of the Tsunami rehabilitation camp, suffered serious injuries and was rushed immediately to the General Hospital Thirukkovil.

The STF personnel retaliated the terrorist attack using Mortars and small arms and brought the situation under control.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Vessel carrying weapons for LTTE completely destroyed [3rd Lead]

The Navy and the Air force in a joint operation successfully destroyed and sank a large vessel carrying weapons and ammunition for the LTTE this morning.

The vessel, sailing in the deep seas around one hundred nautical miles off Kalmunai was destroyed around noon today.

Large quantities of weapons and ammunition including artillery guns had submerged with the vessel.

The vessel sailing in deep seas around one hundred nautical miles off Kalmunai without a flag was detected by the Navy around 7.30 a.m. today. The ship had completely ignored the warning shots fired by the Navy patrol craft to stop. Instead the vessel had opened fire towards the Navy craft. Subsequently the Navy with the assistance of the Air Force destroyed and sunk the suspected vessel.

It is now confirmed that the vessel had illegally carried weapons and ammunition for the LTTE. The LTTE's continuous attempts to acquire weapons and ammunition during the past failed due to measures taken by foreign countries. This incident is a clear indication that the LTTE has not stopped their attempts in procuring arms and ammunition to further their terrorist activities.

This incident clearly indicates the motives of some organizations that are seeking to protect the LTTE following their humiliating defeats in the Northern and the Eastern regions. This is yet another attempt of the LTTE at hoodwinking the International Community. The LTTE has opted for peace talks every time when they were weakened by the Security Forces. This is a clear instance that proves that the LTTE is buying time to procure arms and strengthen themselves. Through these act it is not difficult to realize the ulterior motives of the LTTE. However, the successful operation carried out by the Security Forces to destroy this vessel is a great victory to the Government.

The sinking of this vessel comes at a time when the LTTE has suffered humiliating defeats against the Security Forces. It is well known that the LTTE is trying to create a ceasefire to strengthen themselves and procure arms for future attacks.

Press Release- MCNS

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