Wednesday, October 29, 2008

LTTE Light Aircraft Target Kelanithissa Power Station - Colombo

Military spokesman has announced that two LTTE light aircraft have drooped two bombs targeting Kelaithissa power station. Kelanithissa power station located north of Colombo City is a key station for generating electricity by thermal power mainly for requirements of Colombo city.
Two wings of a cooling fan have been damaged by the blast. Meanwhile it is being reported that fire brigade has been called to the location. Colombo city is being blackout temporally as a security measure.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anti Aircraft Gun Fires Heard in Colombo

Sound of anti aircraft gunfire heard in Colombo between 11.30 pm to 11.4o pm this evening. According to the available information anti aircraft defence systems have been activated in Colombo fearing of a possible LTTE attack using light airplanes. As a security measure power to the Colombo has also being cut. Meanwhile MCNS reported that two bombs have been dropped near Mannar military installations. Still there are no information available about aftermath.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Musician Premasiri Kemadasa Passes Away

Famouse Sri Lankan music composer Premasiri Kemadasa has passed away this evening at the age of 71.Mr Kemadasa also knows as "Kemadasa Master" well known for exploring the various styles of music around the world and endeavored to develop his very own style of music. He combined Sinhala folk tunes, Western music, Hindustani music  and many other styles of music in his compositions.
Mr Kemadasa is an old boy of  Sri Sumangala College and St. John’s College, Panadura.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mobitel Upahara Vs Dialog Blaster

Revolutionary postpaid package "Upahara" is selling like hot cakes these days and could be the most successful post paid package ever in Sri Lankan mobile market. In the meantime Blaster from Dialog has become a good opponent for Upahara. But it seems due to the nature of the advertising by both companies it has become a real mess  selecting a suitable package. There fore thought of doing a comparison between Upahara and Blaster.

                                  Mobitel Upahara                   Dialog Blaster  
Free Minutes      :                1000                                 1000

Free Minutes      :      Mobitel, SLT, Suntel           Only Dialog GSM
  Applicable to         LankaBell, Dialog CDMA

After 1000 to       :                0.50                                    2 

After 1000 to       :                0.50                                    3       
Other fixed

After 1000 to       :                  3                                       3
Other Mobile

Incoming             :                Free                                    Free

Monthly Rental    :                240                                     300

Connection          :               1500                                   1500

One disadvantage of Upahara is it only available for state sector workers and pensioners. But Upahara is much more cheaper than Dialog when we consider the call charges and average amount that we will be spending monthly. Upahara subscribers have the full freedom of talking an Mobitel, SLT, Dialog CDMA, Suntel, Lankabell number absolutely free of charge where Dialog users have to pay Rs 3 per every minute. However Upahara charges Rs 0.50 between 6.00 pm and 12.00 pm which could be another drawback.
However there are reports that Mobitel is also going to unveil a package for all Sri Lankans and it would be much better than everything on market hopefully.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Soldiers Enter LTTE Heartlands Mulathive & Kilinochchi - Video

Sri Lankan troops on "Wanni Operation" have entered LTTE terror outfits in nothern Sri Lankan despite of rainy whether conditions. Video from MOD Sri Lanka. 

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

SLIIT Assures Runners-Up in Interuniversity Football Championship 2008

Football team of Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology has won the runners-up at the interuniversity football championship which was held recently. They have been able to archive this because of the unmatched support provided by administration of the institute, to uplifts the sports facilities inside the university. Meanwhile SLIIT Rugby team won a 15-a-side rugby match against the HSBC side on the 21st of September 2008 at the Havelock Grounds. Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology has invested plenty of resources for large playgrounds, Gymnasiums and Tennis courts also.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Distribution of Edna Chocolates Suspended

Consumer Affairs Authority has suspended manufacturing and distribution of Edna chocolates in Sri Lanka. Consumer Affairs Authority has taken this decision as milk which is imported from China is suspected to contain a chemical called Melamine. Recently Singapore announced that melamine was found in 3 Chinese food products and several babies in China got sick after consuming Chinese milk products.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

MDMK Leader Vaiko Arrested by Indian Police

Leader of MDMK party of India, V. Gopalsamy also known as Vaiko has been arrested while he was on a protest near central government office in Chennai. Another dozens of protesters have also been arrested along with Vaiko. Vaiko is known for supporting tamil tigers whic is a terrorist group fighting for a separate land in the northern part of Sri Lanka.
As the government forces has now entered LTTE heartland, LTTE is doing their best to supend the government troops advancing further.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Government Minister Maithripala Sirisena Escape From Sucide Attack

An explosion has been occurred targeting Minister Maithripala Sirisena near Boralasgamuwa short while ago.According to the available information minister has escaped but one civilian has died and two others have injured.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Maj General Janaka Perera, Dr John Pulle Killed in a suicide Attack

UNP North Central Province opposition leader Maj General Janaka Perera has been killed by a suicide blast near the Anuradhapura old bus stand this morning. Explosion as taken place around 8.45 a.m this morning inside the United National Party office in Anuradhapura.
According to the available information, 22 persons including wife of Mr Janaka Perera, UNP organizer of Anuradhapura district Dr John Pulle and his wife, several UNP provincial council members were among the victims.
Most of the victims were those who participating for the opening ceromony of the UNP Anuradhapura office.

Blast At Anuradhapura Old Bust Stand

An explosion has taken place near Anuradhapura old bus stand this morning. It is belied that this is a suicide attack carried out by LTTE terrorists.
Await for more information.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Former Minister Kingsley T Wickramarathne Passed Away

Former minister Kingsley T Wickramarathne has passed away this evening at a private hospital. He was the minister of trade and finance in 1994 PA government and later appointed as the southern province governor.  
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT) which is the largest IT institute in Sri Lanka was one of the key effort made by Mr. wickramarathne, to enhance the IT industry in Sri Lanka.
The cremation will take place at the Borella General Cemetery on 5thOctober (Sunday) at 4 P.M.   

SL Army captures LTTE runway

SL Army troops of the 57 Division at North of Vannivilankulama have captured a 500m long airstrip on Tuesday (Sep 30), believed used by LTTE for emergency landing of their light aircrafts.

According to military the airstrip was located 7km Northwest of Mankulama and about 500m West of the A-9 trunk road in general area Pankikkankulama.

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