Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Tributes were paid to the victims of the London Bus bomb(07th July 2005), in its 1st anniversary commemoration held recently. Yet, many remain puzzled "why an international effort has not been taken to crucify the responsible?"
London bus bomb's, 1st anniversary depicted the cruelty of terrorism especially in a Western theater. Though many forums argue against terrorism, has such argumentations being productive enough to curtail the fund flowing into the terrorist organizations?

Will their lament be heard??? (SAY NO TO TERRORISM!!!)

al-Qaeda, led by Osama Bin- Laden, has been accused for this treacherous act in the British soil, which claimed 52 lives leaving 800 more casualties. Intelligence sources in Britian, argue that al- Qaeda's, leadership did not have the capability to plan or direct such operations after "war against terrorism" in the Arab world left many Islamic terrorists perished. Hence, it is more likely to read the trails of assistance from the terror high flyers, the LTTE to co-ordinate such a menace.
The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam(LTTE), are no doubt the pioneers of suicide bombing and fearsome attacks targeting civilians.

Aftermath, of the 1st anniversary of the London bus bomb, sets a perfect stage to recall the Kebitigollewa, massacre (15th June, 2006), by the LTTE terrorists killing 64 civilians including 08 children and wounding more than 90 others.
The odds and the similarities of these bus attacks have surprised many in the South Asian Region, whether the "West", has a different definition for terrorism?
The following images reveal the truth, which the world has forgotten to realize...

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