Friday, August 04, 2006

LTTE kills 10 Muslims in Mutthur,Sri Lanka

At least 10 Muslim civilians were killed and twenty others were injured as the LTTE terrorist (Tamil Tigers) bombarded the Arabic College in Muttur town with heavy Artillery fire at 1.15p.m today (Thursday the 3rd of August) .

This Arabic College is presently functioning as refugee center since the destabilization created by the LTTE in Muttur town. At present large numbers are pouring in to this refugee center due to indiscriminate shelling and firing by the LTTE cadres.

The Tamil Tigers in their pursuit to dive away the Muslims from the Muttur area are at present deliberately firing Mortar and the artillery fire at largely populated Muslim areas in Muttur.

Nazim who is 11 years old was rescued by the security forces when the LTTE shelled the Muslim villages in Muttur. Nazim is presently undergoing treatments at government hospital Trincomalee.

However, despite the sinister moves of the Tamil tigers to subtly rid the entire area of Muslim civilians gradually, the combined effort the tri services, Police and the Special Task Force personnel will however see an end to such abominable action.

In this backdrop the LTTE is trying to evict the Muslim civilians from the area. It is indeed noteworthy that not only the Muslim civilians but also the Tamil civilians are rallying around the security forces very enthusiastically boosting their morale.

It is no wander the disintegrated support of the civilians received by the LTTE has roused discomfort and disruption and harm to the innocent Muslim civilians.

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