Thursday, November 16, 2006

Java-Now Open Source

Sun believes deeply in creating communities and sharing innovations and technologies to foster more participation. Today in a historic move, Sun is opening the door to greater innovation by open sourcing key Java implementations—Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE), Java Platform Micro Edition (Java ME), and Java Platform Enterprise Edition (Java EE)—under the GNU General Public License version 2 (GPLv2), the same license as GNU/Linux.

Sun is now the biggest contributor to the open-source community. Already Sun has released open-source implementations of its Solaris Operating System, NetBeans, Project Looking Glass, Project JXTA, Jini, OpenOffice, OpenSPARC, and Java EE technologies and is continuing on its path to open all of its middleware. By adding a second GPLv2 license to Java EE, which was previously available under the CDDL license through Project Glassfish, Sun is now open sourcing all core Java technologies under the same license.

Through this move, Sun is helping to:

  • Fuel innovation and build broader developer communities by enabling interested Java developers, as well as developers in the GNU/Linux community, to contribute more easily to the evolution of Java technology
  • Drive faster evolution of the Java platform and adoption by new developers and in new markets while ensuring platform quality and flexibility
  • Allow the 5 million Java developers worldwide to leverage platform enhancements and speed time to market for new applications

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