Sunday, May 06, 2007

Naughty Gilly

Gilchrist's innings is against the cricket laws at the WC Final. He had a hidden squash ball inside is hand glove. This is against the true interest of the game and it is definitely not true sportsmanship. If he was honest, he could have informed about it to the umpires or the Sri Lankan captain before starting his innings, but he didn't, he was hiding it till he scored a century to gain undue advantage and destroy Sri Lankan hopes.

It was not a natural innings. Sri Lanka did not loose against Australia, they lost against illegally stronger Gilly.

If a Sri Lankan did this, we all know how Australians would have behaved, we know how they treated and even today treat great Murali, the best bowler in history of cricket. So, we shouldn't be negative or feel bad about pushing this, we need to take this to the highest level possible.

Do a Google search, many people are writing and talking about it, but it needs to go to the international level, so please forward this to all you know, write in your websites, inform the media, create an awareness and get respective cricket administrators to act.

May be the final match can be cancelled or replayed. At least, if all accept that it was becuase of an illegal innings that Sri Lanka lost, the SL team can be considered the world's best cricket team even though they don't hold the cup!

True Cricket Lovers


  1. Yes it is absolutely correct and using a third party equipment or support none other than specified in the cricket laws such as a squash ball is totally illegal and not only it is a bad mark to the game of cricket it is a conspiracy against the rest of the world who played cricket during the world cup. Getting the extra advantage by using a squash ball Gilchrest put the ball to all corners of the park; this un-behave act of his should be punished and the world cup should be replayed or awarded to the mighty sri lankan teem who fought with hearts out and bravely for their country most importantly legally. The Australians and Gilchrest knew the potential and power of sri lanka and they knew that they couldn’t beat sri lanka legally.

  2. If its not illeagal everyone shout try it and see how effective it is. And use it in the future if the ICC does't prohibit it. I don't know the rules of the game exactly so apart from ethical thinking can't comment on whether what Gilly did was correct or wrong!


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