Friday, September 28, 2007

03 LTTE boats destroyed and over dozen terrorists killed- Pulmoddai

The elite sea borne squadron of the Sri Lanka Navy yesterday (27), in seas off Pulmoddai foiled an LTTE attempt to evacuate its trapped cadres in Peraru and Kumpurupiddi jungles, in a fierce, sea battle destroying three LTTE boats and killing over a dozen sea tigers, security sources revealed.

Clashes erupted at about 11.p.m, when naval patrol craft intercepted a cluster of 20 LTTE boats proceeding from Nayaru towards Pulmoddai, naval sources said.

It has been revealed through intercepted LTTE communication that a self-styled LTTE "Lieutenant Colonel" Nishanthan was also among the killed. Reports also confirmed that a sailor was killed while another sustained injuries during the confrontation.

Defence sources said that small groups of terrorists are still wandering in the jungles in Peraru looking for an opportunity to cross over to Wanni. However, both army and navy have been able to establish effective blockades over the possible escape routes and so far have been able to foil many such attempts made by the LTTE.

More information will follow.

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