Tuesday, June 10, 2008

SL Army Eyes LTTE FDL In Muhamali Once Again

Sri Lanka Air Force has launched several air raids in LTTE Front Defense Line through out the day. Idea behind these air raids could be to crack down LTTE bunkers and support ground troops to advance from their FDL and capture palali area and Elephant Pass whic are strategically very important to both parties.
In the view of LTTE if they loose these areas it becomes very hard for them to stop army entering Mulathiv and Kilinochchi which is like the heart of LTTE. So it is very natural for them to deploy their fullest power in these areas to defend strong Sri Lanka army. As a result SL Army is still not being able to capture these areas.
At the same time if Army being able to capture the Elephan pass it would be much convinient for them to put the pressure on LTTE from several sides as LTTE is lack of human force.

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