Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Date for Airtel Launch In Sri Lanka Confirmed

The long awaited 5th mobile operator, AirTel will start operations from the 12th of January. They have already started their advertising campaigns with longer television advertisements and full page newspaper advertisements. Meanwhile AirTel has given the facility to pre-register for their network and suggest a mobile number that they wish to obtain.

Full list of Airtel dealers are given below.


  1. hey Guys & Gals,
    Do you believe that Airtel is coming here because of their kindness towards Sri Lankans..? oh..I don't believe...coz I know much about Airtel & following facts will guide you..(I challenge Airtel to give counter arguments for those..)

    1. Airtel is using cheapest Chinese Equipments, that's why they can come with lower charges

    2. The performance will degrade very sooner (less than 1 year), then all the subscribers will have to suffer.

    3. they are coming with both 2G & 3G...still now they are struggling with 2G (GSM). The products they've used for 2G are from the rejected brand from most of other Operators. Therefor their 2G (GSM) network is still having many problems & it'll be one of worst network in the World

    4. their delay in launching in Sri Lanka was mainly due to Point (3)

    5. Airtel's performance in India is no doubt. Its superior. the simple reason is they use high quality European product. But how can we have a guarantee of similar performance here with these Chinese low quality products..?

    6. Just think about Global Trends. In future Indians & Chinese will enter into world market & they'll extract all the profits from other Nations. (Airtel is coming with both Chinese & Indian involvement- this will not be good for Sri Lanka in future)

    7. Bharathi (india) Airtel's one of major intentions is to use Sri Lanka as a place for their Testings (as a test bed). This will cause high power, Microwave emissions which can cause for health effects (headache, Cancer..Gene Abnormalities)

    Above are only some facts...Sri Lankans, You may know some other facts too...specially People from Technical Areas may add more into this.

    Lets see the things with open mind...this is our country, we are Sri Lankans...!!

  2. Hi all,

    No assumptions please! Let them commence the operations and see!!
    They are new comers to Sri Lanka, lets welcome them. We Sri Lankans are famous for hospitality and smiling faces right?


  3. True Sri Lankan ?? I dont know you're representing Dialog, Tigo,.....

    I dont agree with your point 7. That's a well known hype for all mobile phones. Not particularly for AirTel

  4. really appreciate your valuable comments:

    let me first explain more about point 7 :
    - Airtel uses two Microwave radiations links (almost all other operators use only 1), therefore their MW emmision is much high. Also they have installed MW radiation units at the top in most pf their towers
    (guys, you just see their towers. the Circular Drum like thing is the Microwave Antennas)
    - As you awear, 2G & 3G is very less harmful compared to MW radiation (Airtel use 20-32 GHz range mostly) : this MW radiation could cause MW burnings & long time exposure is a definete cause for male infertility
    - Also, they use much high powers (almoast 2-3 time) than other operators to have a large coverage
    - their Futute testings will definitely consume high powers & Microwaves...this is one of hidden disaster..!!

  5. This man True srilankan posted same comment in so many blogs and pages. I think he is working for anti airtel companies.

  6. to be frankly, I'm not working for anybody..it's only some thoughts from valid evidences to make eye open of others (those who have thinking power)

    note : I saw Mora also in so many other blogs. If u feel me as an anti-airtel, I feel the same abt you as an ANTI-SRI LANKAN.

    hey Mora, This is a challenge for you..Give me few evidence of the long term benefits to Sri Lanka from Airtel's arrival

  7. Hi All,

    true Sri lankan????? bla bla

    I dont agree with ur point No. 06.

    If AirTel going to extract all the profits to India from Sri Lanka in the mobile industry.

    Do you know what's happening right now

    Dialog - Subsidiary of Telecom Malaysia
    Tigo - Subsidiary of Millicom International, Luxembourg.
    Mobitel - Subsidiary of SLT but SLT's most of the shares owned by NTT Japan
    Hutch - Subsidiary of hutchison-whampoa company, bassed in Hongkong . so where is the current mobile profits goes to.

    First Let them come... then decide.

  8. Dear true sri lankan,
    I feel sorry fo Dialog and Im happy for their loss. Their charges have always been sky high b4 mobitel taking over.. So dialog deserves this for not giving benifits for their customers. WELCOME AIRTEL.. We, sri lankans are joining with u with pride too..

  9. Guys & Gals,
    Anybody is impressed with Airtel charges...?Hi Hi..I know most of you were dreaming about very cheap (at least free Airtel-to-Airtel) packages...what Airtel now has to tell us is 'Sorry Sri Lanka..!!"

    Recent Happenings...
    > Shakhuk Refuses to come Sri Lanka
    > Airtel was expecting about 700,000-1000,000 Customers at the first phase, but they achieved only 300,000 customers only (this is the main reason for their high charges)
    > Their Customer Service & Call Center is Clue less about customer complaints
    > Voice Quality of their network is bad

    what is next..?

  10. Mr True Srilanka

    You are biased to the core...Airtel's tariffs are really cool. Simple 2/ to any phone. Tell me who else offers this? Everyone has tons of hidden charges. Airtel is upfront. Ans for me the network seems damn good. Stop bad mouthing unnecessarily....

  11. I meant, their offer is not up to what people expected...at least people were expecting Airtel-Airtel free calls..

    hey, anything about "recent happenings"?

    also, few things to add:
    -No body knows about their Data Packages, ( their customer support haven't even heard about data Packages)
    - The Coverage Map they announced is not valid, there are many many no-coverage areas
    - Even in Colombo also, their coverage is bad (Slave Island, Pettah, Thimbirigasyaya..etc)

  12. Air tel loss 2.5 Mn and seems it is piece of shit. even low quality. Call center sucks. No respect for customers. I throw my sim to the dustbin.

  13. There is increasing evidence through new research which points to damaging radiation levels leading to detrimental health effects. Airtel with their ridiculously cheap rates and offers could definitely have hidden issues with their phones and damaging levels of radiation.

    I just used an airtel phone for a second and i got an instant headache, then wondered if i was actually being paranoid or if it related to the phone so i decided to do some reasearch and look for any comments on the net. Seeing such comments defintely provides doubt about the legitimacy of airtel phones and services and the likelyhood of irrelevant levels of radiaiton.


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