Monday, March 09, 2009


The Board of Investment of Sri Lanka granted investment approval to Aus Agri (Private) Limited and Sheila Baxter Training Centre (Private) Limited. Mr. Dhammika Perera, Chairman / Director General signed the agreements on behalf of the BOI and formally presented the BOI Certificate of Registration to the investors.

The investment agreement signed with Aus Agri is for a pioneering project to manufacture animal feed using leaves and green stem of the Gliricidia plant, which will supplement the income of rural outgrowers. The project is an initial investment of US $ 250,000 sponsored by Australian based Aus Agri (Pte) Limited. This is the first time that Gliricidia plants are used to produce processed animal feed. The company will set up its first manufacturing plant in Mahailuppallama, Anuradhapura and will also set up another plant in Puttalam at a latter stage. Commercial operations of the plant situated at Mahailuppallama will commence later this month.

Directors of Aus Agri Limited, Mr. Robert Irwin and Mr. Chamara Perera signed the agreement on behalf of the company.

Mr. Perera said the animal feed produced will be exported to markets in the Middle East. The company expects to produce 100 tons of animal feed weekly which will be increased up to 400 tons.

Gliricidia is a medium size tree that typically grows to 10 m in height, with a broad canopy. It grows best in tropical, seasonally dry climates. It is a fast growing tree used throughout the tropics for many environmental services and products it provides.

Initially Aus Agri will collect the Gliricidia from outgrow farmers in the area, providing them with an additional income. The company will provide encouragement and support to develop the outgrower system. The company expects to have an out grower farmer base of 50,000, which will help develop the rural economy. The venture also expects to grow Gliricidia in 3200 acres in the second phase of the project to complement the outgrower system

Aus Agri will also purchase cassava (manioc) and maize from local farmers as well as buying rice polish which is a little used by-product of the rice milling process.  He thanked Prof. Nimal Perera, Vice Chancellor of Wayamba University for providing advice and guidance to implement the project.

The BOI also granted approval to Sheila Baxter Training Centre (Private) Limited to commence a training institute for skill development. The project sponsored by Australian based institute of the same name is an investment of US $ 500,000.

Mr. Maxwel Mervyn, Director of Sheila Baxter said that the centre will provide training for skill development, which will aid students expecting to migrate to Australia. This institute will provide training in Hair Dressing, English, Accounting and IT for 1000 students annually. 

The institute will establish its first centre in Colombo and expects to set up more centres in Kandy, Galle, Nuwara Eliya and Kurunegala. The institute will be creating 50 new employment opportunities which include a panel of 20 training staff, added Mr. Mervyn.

Mr. Mervyn, Director signed the agreement on behalf of Sheila Baxter Training Centre.


Daily Mirror - Colombo,Western,Sri Lanka
The company will set up its first manufacturing plant in Mahailuppallama, Anuradhapura and will also set up another plant in Puttalam at a latter stage. ...


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