Sunday, April 05, 2009

Sri Lanka Army Liberates Whole Puthukudiirippu Area from LTTE Terrorists

Sri Lanka army has fully liberated Puthukudiirippu area from LTTE terror clutches this morning. Mr Udaya Nanayakkara said LTTE leaders Vidhusha, Dheepan, Durga, Nagesh and Gadafi whois the private security office of Prabhakaran have died along with more than 200 LTTE carders. It is also reported that Bhanu has injured from the army attacks. Now LTTE is restricted to government declared “no fire zone” which is only about 20 SqKm.

Three 130 mm artilleries, one 85mm weapon and many other heavy LTTE weaponries have captured by 53 and 58 brigades who are continuously operating in the area.   

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