Tuesday, January 09, 2007

LTTE's "Stanley Base'' falls to the elite cops- Ampara

    The Police Special Task Force (STF) personnel captured a huge terrorist camp named "Stanley Base" located in Kangikadaichi Aru in Ampara this afternoon (Monday the 8th of September).
    The STF sources said the terrorists having failed to withstand the STF's retaliatory thrust, deserted the camp leaving most of their belongings. The marching STF personnel entered into the " Stanley" base's parameters around 2.p.m and presently consolidating their defences in the area.
    During the search carried out in the Terror camp, the STF personnel recovered a Canter truck loaded with ammunition, a water bawser donated by the Tamil Rehabilitation Organisation (TRO), 4 motor cycles, a 50kv and a 25kv Generators, and few satellite antennas.
    A fully equipped hospital believed to be funded by a reputed INGO was also discovered by the STF personnel in the captured terror base located deep inside the thick jungle of Kangikadaichi Aru. The STF sources said they were amused by the facilities provided by the particular INGO to a hospital where no civilian would expected to have received medical treatments.
    A large haul of arms and ammunition, a repeater rifle, a rifle and a large number of anti-personnel mines were also among the recovered items.
    The STF sources further revealed that they had no option than to retaliate to the LTTE's ever increasing attacks that has recently come to an alarming level. The captured camp was of a strategic importance to the LTTE terrorists where they used to fire mortar and artillery to the security forces camps in the Akkaraipaththuwa, Thirukkovil and Poththuvil areas.
     Further, the camp has been used to hoard abducted children from various areas in the Eastern province and to train them to be suicide bombers.Two sub camps, an Intelligence cell, a large warehouse filled with dry rations that had been robbed from aid convoys, a circuit bungalow were also found in the area.The STF troops are still continuing their search further into the jungle to ensure that the people in the Southern part of the Eastern Province will be free from LTTE threats for good.
     Three STF soldiers suffered injuries during the confrontation and were rushed to the General hospital Ampara.


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