Friday, January 05, 2007

Scotland Yard probe on Raviraj killing begins

The much awaited Scotland Yard probe into the killing of TNA MP Nadarajah Raviraj begins today following the arrival last afternoon of a team of experts.
Local officials involved with the investigations said the Scotland Yard team comprises a ballistics expert, forensic science expert and three specialised investigators.
According to one British official the schedule of the Scotland Yard team would not be disclosed to the media owing to its sensitivity.
Airport authorities were also told to remain tight lipped and not divulge details of the team's arrival.
However a senior police officer told the Daily Mirror the team was scheduled to meet Police Chief Victor Perera this morning and later would go to CID headquarters, where the investigators would be given a full briefing on the case.
The team visited the British High Commission yesterday. A senior CID officer is to accompany the team on field work whilst translators would also be provided.
Officials said arrangements had already been made to meet the requirements of the foreign detectives during their stay in Sri Lanka.
The Government is expected to spend an estimated Rs.3 million for the airfare of the team as well as for the transport of the high-tech equipment used for the investigations.
The team is scheduled to remain in the country for at least two weeks.
The TNA MP was shot dead in Narahenpita by unknown gunmen last November while he was in the driver's seat of his vehicle. Mr. Raviraj's bodyguard who was seated in the back seat of the vehicle was also killed in the shooting. A T-56 rifle and bullets used in the killing were found in a bag at the site of the shooting and are expected to be of vital importance to the investigation. According to initial investigations, two gunmen on a motorbike were believed to have carried out the assassination at close range before fleeing the area. There were also reports of a three-wheeler being used as a decoy getaway vehicle to mislead any pursuers and investigators. This is the second time a Scotland Yard team is involved in investigating a local case, the first being the investigation into the death of DUNF Leader Lalith Athulathmudali.

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