Thursday, July 17, 2008

Army In A Stronger Position - Captures Vidattaltivu

Armed forces who are operated in Mannar battlefront has liberated Vidattaltivu town along with the surrounding LTTE sea tiger bases. Vidattaltivu is strategically important for both parties as it is one of the main LTTE sea tiger base in the western coastal area. LTTE used this Vidattaltivu sea tiger base to smuggle illegal weaponries and all other dialy needs for LTTE activities. With the natural advantage for a harbor LTTE has used Vidattaltivu area for the terrorist activities from a decade ago. However with the fall of Vidattaltivu, LTTE should definitely face difficulties in gathering arms or other daily needs which are essential for their survive.
Next move by the armed forces could be toward Iluuaikkadavai which will enable SL Forces to restrict sea tiger activities in the western coastal area.

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