Friday, July 04, 2008

Invaluable Opportunity To Serve Motherland

At present Sri Lanka is dealing with the world's most furious terrorism and there are signs of a liberation from this terrorism in the near future. By observing the war between Sri Lanka forces and LTTE, independent opinion is most successful fight against terrorism in now in progress. When comparing to other terrorist groups LTTE has built up a stronger network of supporters who are living everywhere in the world. LTTE is using this network to raise funds for their terrorist activities, spread the message to the world that LTTE is not a terrorist group and mostly smuggle modern arms. But unfortunately Sri Lankan governments which were in power since 1985 did not had a proper strategic plan to fight and swipe out LTTE terrorism from Sri Lanka. As a result LTTE became stronger and stronger day by day and they were able to appear as a group of Tamils who are fighting for their ownership. They deployed a well organized news network around the world with the help of various web sites, TV stations, Radio stations and even satellite broadcasts and promenaded a totally different picture infront of the world. However now everything has been changed and GOSL is in a good move against terrorism. GOSL have deployed a good network of websites which reveals truth to the world. Earlier to this initiative, LTTE website were the only source of information to all the international new agencies. Taking a one more step further by the Ministry of Defence in Sri Lanka, they are calling for the volunteers who wish to contribute their knowledge for the well being of the country. This can be noted as a great initiative to gather all the well wishers together and get the maximum support from them to counter terrorism. If you are also willing to contribute your knowledge and skills for the well being of the country you are highly recommended to submit your details by visiting Ministry of Defence official contact form.

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