Tuesday, September 23, 2008

SLT IPTV Launched!!!

Mostly awaited IPTV service from Sri Lanka Telecom officially launched yesterday. Internet Protocol Tele Vision (IPTV) is a new revolution in the television history where service providers can utilize existing copper cable network to deliver high quality videos and sound using Internet Protocol. Internet Protocol is a set of rules defined for exchanging data across a network infrastructure. Internet is one good example of a network which use IP.  

According to the company announcements setup cost will be Rs 9950+VAT. Apart from the setup cost, subscribers will be charged a monthly rental of Rs 1000 + VAT for 14 international channels and 5 local chanels. As an introductory offer SLT Visioncom is providing 10 channels of preference free of charge. Subscribers will be required to pay additional fees for time shift TV and video on demand services Rs 600 and Rs 100 respectively. 

SLT IPTV Chanel line up

Base Channels: Rupavahini, Channel Eye, ITN, Derana, Max TV,CNN,BBC World, NDTV News, Al - Jazeera,Ujala,B4U Movies, Euro Sports, Euro Sports News, Nickelodeon, BBC Entertainment, NDTV GoodTimes, Luxe TV,Vh1,MTV

On subcription: HBO, HBO Signature, HBO Hits, HBO Family, Taffy Kids,B4U Music, C Music, STC, Trace, Fashion TV, Bollywood Channel, Travel Channel, Wedding TV, Wine TV


  1. Is that RS. 600 per channel for time shift TV? Still, its a good product that I am sure will benefit our busy schedules. Well done SLT :-)

  2. No, its for selected no of channels(According to SLT leaflet)..

  3. Oh, cool. Then its a good price. Thanks.

  4. What but the access to Internet dose it have to be SLT ADSL Only or any other ? and ADSL thease days have a bandwith issue and its slow. this may lead to longer buffering times.

  5. no bandwidth bottle neck is for INT link IP servers are local thus no issue

  6. High Cost Dialog tv cost is low. dialog tv have many channels monthly rental is 1000

  7. is it possible to view europe channels with slt iptv??


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