Friday, September 26, 2008

Sri Lanka Central Bank Names 6 Top Unauthorized Businesses in Sri Lanka

Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) has announce a list of businessmen who are not authorized to take money deposits from general public. CBSL has only authorized 32 finance companies, 23 commercial banks and 14 specialized banks to run financial businesses. Please visit for the full list of authorized financial institutions. You can also download the official Central Bank notices on illegal business from


  1. This leads us (Public) with a big concern as to why CB has a unit so called the Investigation unit of illegal financial institutions. When all these people who collect money and fled the country CB made announcements and say they are not authorized to take money. We all have to get-together and send these sleeping CB staff Home ! They get paid from the money taken from our salaries and Tax. Or do they get a cut from these people who are running this illegal business ?

  2. The central bank was reformed at the turn of the century, giving more importance to price stability rather than other objectives like employment or economic growth, following a devastating currency crisis.




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