Monday, November 19, 2007

Australia Afraid of Muttiah Muralitharan

As the forth day of Murali Warne Cup ends Sri Lanka is 246 for 3 wickets and lagging behind 260 towards the victory. Australia was 542 for their first innings and in reply Sri Lanka only gathered 246 runs. Then for the second innings Australian captain decided to declare their inning at 210 giving a target of 507 for the unpredictable lions.

The other main reason which made Ponting to declare was to stop Murali from breaking Shane Warnes world record of 506 wickets. Muttiah is only 5 wickets behind from the world record.


  1. Thats a nice one. Why do you think Ponting didn't wait for Murali to take another 4 wickets before declaring. Bcos he knows 506 is enough to all Sri lankans out. Not because he is afraid opf Murali. Murali's stats were 4 for 400 in both tests. Well above his 21.xx average, which he managed to get against Bangaladesh, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Next time he can break the record against Maldives ;) (You can call me shane Warne)

  2. This is the way of cricket. Even a master blaster could get out for just 0 runs. Following person who is saying that he is Shane Warne seems to be not having even a little piece of mind to think about this. However Australians have proven many time about their selfishness. Did Sri Lankans said even a word against Gilchrist who cheated at the worldcup final match? But what about poor warne? He is so afraid that Murali will break his record and so he has stated that their should be another inquiry about the bowling of Murali during a cricket match. Wot a shame ? Poor australians cant bear it...


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