Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Defense Secretary Wow This Will be Prabakaran’s Final Birthday Celebration

Major terror leader Velupillei Prabakaran celebrates his 53rd birthday on 27th of November 27, 2007. As a tradition he broadcasts worldwide a special speech celebrating his birthday every year. The main objective is to collect funds for his terrorist activities from LTTE supporters worldwide. But recently Mig fighter jets bobbed LTTE illegal satellite broadcasting station and as a result Prabakaran’s this year speech catered only some LTTE cadres and few innocent civilians who were forced by LTTE to attend for the ceremony.

Government’s defense warrior Gotabhaya Rajapakshe responding to terror leaders birth day speech wowed that this will be the final birthday celebration of Prabakaran. An advisor and a decision maker Anton Balasingham died last year and LTTE political leader S. P Thamil Chelvam was bombed this month isolating Prabakaran in the war front.

Defense secretary also noted that LTTE has not gained anything for Tamils but lives of 20 000 innocent Tamil youths and children.

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