Monday, April 28, 2008

Iranian President Visits Sri Lanka

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad reached Sri Lanka on April 28th for a two-day state visit. Sri Lanka is the first stop of his first Asian tour.

President Ahamedinejad and President Rajapaksa will be laying the foundation stone for the Uma Oya Hydro Power project, on April 29 at Wellawaya in Monaragala district. Iran had agreed to grant $450 million to finance the project. This project is targeted to supply electricity and irrigation water for agricultural and industrial use in the Hambanthota and Monaragala district.

Sri Lanka would also enter into an agreement for the Sapugaskanda oil refinery enhancing project during President Ahamedinejad’s visit.

President Ahamedinejad will also visit India and Pakistan after his Sri Lanka visit.


  1. galleiranianblogger12:04 AM, April 29, 2008

    we must be messed up if these are the only friends (together with the chinese) we have sad and pathetic....

  2. Hee.. he.. USA ta thamai!

  3. True friends...!!!!

  4. hI think MR must be losing his mind.. or whatevers left of it. What on earth made him invite the Iranian president? Chinese we can excuse, at least their economy is doning well and might become a superpower soon - but Iran????

    Wonder whether MR is thinking of a secretive deal for dumping Iranian nuclear waste in SL. Yes, it must be that!


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