Friday, April 04, 2008

Terrorism Don't Have A Religion - Catholic Priests Are Feared

LTTE carders who are pretending as sole representatives of Tamils once again showed their ruthless to the world by forcing priest of Madu Church to withdraw from the church. Reason for such a order is earlier LTTE carders have launched attacks from the Madu Church area towards the Sri Lankan armed forces and priests and civilians of Madu have protest against LTTE for this action. With the recent battles, LTTE lost many of thier bunkers and as a result they have become helpless. LTTe is perfectly aware that Sri Lanka Forces will never launch attacks whic will harm innocent civilians and there fore LTTE is hiding behind civilians and launch attacks on government troops.
However in February 2008 LTTE launched an attack on a Catholic Church in nothern province of Sri Lanka and partially destroyed it. Military sources say that the priest are somehow manged to flee from the area with the sacred Madhu shrine. Meanwhile number of civilians fleeing from the LTTE control have increased doe to security situation in the northern province.


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