Saturday, April 26, 2008

Piliyandala - Sri Lanka Bus Bomb Photos

According to the available information the bomb exploded as the bus was about to start the journey. Over 100 passengers were in the bus by the time. The bus and the surrounding was heavily damaged due to the blast. Some photos of the incident are as follows


  1. Where is that bloody Ban Key Moon...? Hasn't he issued a statment condeming the bomb blast yet? Probably he might be still sleeping.

  2. pls dnt post pictures of dead bodies like that- what if that was someone known to you? how would you feel if their body was displayed in the internet slewn around like that -
    pls think before you post things like these -even though i know it might be circulating around in emails right now-

  3. Thanks for the comment. Yes, I totally agree with your opinion about posting dead bodies in Internet. As Sri Lankans we are highly responsible for what we are posting here. But if you closely see, all these pictures are blurred and no one can identify these persons from these photos. Idea behing posting these two images was to show the brutality of the LTTE. You can see we have clearly said that this is a blast by LTTE without any fear. If you read this post our policy on posting pictures have clearly stated here. So mikals I believe now you can understand our purpose of posting these two pictures. Also we should say that we have got many scary photos of this incident and what we have posted are the least scary.
    Anyway we highly appreciate your comments and suggestions. Keep visiting and help us to improve our service also.

  4. Lets live happly ever after. Ismail.


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