Thursday, December 11, 2008

Airtel Ready To Launch in Sri Lanka!!!

May be the mostly awaited mobile network Airtel, is about to strart it's operations in Sri Lanka very soon. The launch has been postponing several times since last year by the company. The network prefix will be 075 and the network id is SRI-05. If you do a GSM network search most probably you will be able to see that Airtel network is up and running. In the mean time Airtel has set up some outlets also around the city but still the naming boards are covered.
It is expected that Airtel will offer attractive packages which will make other operators also to slash prices more. Meanwhile existing operators have already taken some measures to strengthen their respective customer base by slash prices and introducing new packages. As the Dialog, the market leader is gradually loosing the market share, Mobitel has aggressively attracted millions of new customers within a short period of time. As a results Mobitel network is being oversubscribed and very often gets busy. In order to keep the customer base steady Mobitel will be required to do a rapid network expansion. 


  1. I heard Airtell is going to introduce an Yearly package of Rs.15000 rupees or something with incoming free for the whole year, and certain amount time outgoing free...Hmm have to wait and see..

  2. It is evident however, that Airtel has indeficiencies in management, which has delayed the launch by well over an year.. They have not yet covered even the Gampaha district and as far as I know, haven't submitted their tariffs to TRC yet..
    Mobitel had a hillarious tariff reduction yesterday, reducing outgoing rate to other networks to Rs.4 . No other tariff has been changed. Not even incoming free.


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