Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Govt's aim to defeat terrorism, rural uplift and self -sufficiency - Minister Yapa

H.M. Abeysinghe, Kuliyapitiya group correspondent

Priorities of the Government are wiping out terrorism, achieving self-sufficiency in food and providing infrastructural facilities to the rural areas said the Minister of Media and Information Anura Piryadarshana Yapa.

Minister Anura Priyuadarshana Yapa being conducted to the venue to commission the concreted Wadumunnegedara - Nawasigahawatta Road. Pannala Pradesheeya Sabha Member Manjula Herath was also present.
- Picture by H.M. Abeysinghe, Kuliyapitya group correspondent

He was speaking at the ceremony held to mark the commissioning of Wadumunnegedara - Nawasigahawatta Road concreted under the Jathika Saviya Gama Neguma programme.

The Minister said the restoration of this road was a long felt need. During the rainy days the road was impassable and it was reduced to muddy puddles, since water flowed along the road and it was full of ridges.

Several Governments came to power during the last 40 years, but this road remained dilapidated. However even belatedly we restored the most dilapidated part of the road under Jathika Saviya Gama Neguma. The rest will be tarred in 2009.

He said, our aim is to serve the people, we don't consider the politics of the beneficiaries. Whatever political party they support we are duty bound to serve all without discrimination.

The Minister said in 2008 each Grama Niladhari Division was allocated Rs. 5 lakhs for providing infrastructural facilities, spiritual development and livelihood development of the villagers.

In 2009 each Grama Niladhari Division will be allocated Rs. 2 million under Jathika Saviya Gama Neguma programme. After utilisation of such funds social, economic and spiritual development of the villagers would be anticipated.

He said, in addition to village level development the Government had launched a large number of mega development projects. Norochcholai Coal Power Plant, Upper Kothmale Hydro Power Plant, Hambantota Harbour, Deduru Oya and Maduru Oya Irrigation Schemes are a few of them.

When the results of these projects come the living standard of the people would be raised. An agricultural renaissance is also visible throughout the country now, that indicates the self-sufficiency in food would be imminent.

Minister said the government launches all those development projects while making humanitarian operations against the LTTE terrorists. Such operations are not against the Tamil Community but to liberate them from LTTE grip and to grant them the much valued democracy as we did in the East.

No other country in the world makes development operations and military operations simultaneously, but we do.

He said the Government based on Mahinda Chnthana policies go forward like a flowing river. No force could block the forward flow of a river. Similarly no force could hinder the forward march of the Government. The Government is committed to delivering goods for the people, as they are well aware of that fact and they rally around the Government.

Pannala PS Members Manjula Herath, Chandra Kamalasiri Herath and Protus Keerti, Chairman Wadumunnegedara Rural Development Society P.M. Jayawardhana and Ms. P.M. Karunawathie also spoke.

Ceylon Daily News

Govt's aim to defeat terrorism, rural uplift and self -sufficiency ...
Ceylon Daily News - Ceylon,Sri Lanka
Norochcholai Coal Power Plant, Upper Kothmale Hydro Power Plant, Hambantota Harbour, Deduru Oya and Maduru Oya Irrigation Schemes are a few of them. ...
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