Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Relief Package From Government Covering Majority of The Society

Government of Sri Lanka unveiled a major relief package yesterday which will benefit  most of the population in Sri Lanka. This package includes tax reductions, encouragements for industries and specially price reductions of daily needs.

The full relief package is as follows.

  • Diesel, Kerosene and furnace oil reduced by Rs 10/= per litre.
  • Petrol for three wheelers reduced by Rs20/= and by Rs2/= per litre for other vehicles.
  • Bus fair reduced by 4%. Further to encourage travel and tourism 15% reduction of electricity dues for travel and tourism industry.
  • Small traders and exporters given tax concession.
  • Tea industry and rubber industry given Incentives and concessions.
  • Import of cheap tea of banned to protect tea small holders.
  • Supply of mixed fertilizer provided to tea industry.
  • Recovery of loans suspended for one year to protect the tea and rubber industries.
Furthermore LP Gas prices will be also reduced from 20th midnight. Price of a LAUGFS gas cylinder will be reduce by Rs 276 and the price of Shell gas will also be reduced by Rs 166.Government offers this package to maintain the GDP growth at 6% when there is a global economic recession. 

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