Monday, March 17, 2008

Funeral of Anura Bandaranayaka At Horagolla

Sri Lanka former minister and also the brother of former Sri Lanka Precedent Chandrika Bandaranakaa Kumaranathunga, Mr Anura Bandaranakaya passed away yesterday due to prolonged illness. Body was kept in the Sri Lanka Parliamentary complex this morning for last respects by MPs and later taken to "Horagolla Walauwa" the home of Bandaranayakas'. The funeral will be held on 19th of March 2008 at Horaolla.
Mr Bandaranayka was actively participated in Sri Lankan politics for 35 years and from which he was a member of Parliament for 31 years. Anura Bandaranayaka lost his ministry of Tourism and National Heritage last year after the pre-budget crossover.

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