Sunday, March 30, 2008

SimPhony Targets 70% of Sri Lankan Population

At present Sri Lanka has around 7.9 million mobile phone subscribers which is only a 30% of the total population. A major reason for this less mobile phone usage is the average cost of mobile phone is not feasible enough for a low income earners. As a solution SimPhony, a BOI approved joint venture between Cellnets Solutions (CNS) in Israel and CallONE Networks in Sri Lanka is planning to provide a much cheaper solution for mobile communication.
The idea behind SimPhony is simple, but very useful and convenient for those who are specially in rural areas where there is no enough GSM or CDMA connectivity. According to the company a plenty of public phones will be made available in the near future which can be used for SimPhony system. Customers will issue a subscribe identification module (SIM) which has it's own phone number along with some additional value added services(VAS) such as CLI and missed call alert. Customers will be able to use this sim card for making calls or even receiving calls from others.
According to the company they will use traditional GSM networks as well as CDMA networks for this SimPhony service in Sri Lanka.

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