Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Anti Aircraft Gun Fires Heard in Colombo

Sound of anti aircraft gunfire heard in Colombo between 11.30 pm to 11.4o pm this evening. According to the available information anti aircraft defence systems have been activated in Colombo fearing of a possible LTTE attack using light airplanes. As a security measure power to the Colombo has also being cut. Meanwhile MCNS reported that two bombs have been dropped near Mannar military installations. Still there are no information available about aftermath.


  1. Is the SriLankan security so bad that they fear for a light and old model flight?
    How careless!
    The SL gowerment should shame abt it.

  2. I agree with athavan. It's embarassing that the SL govt cant just get these tiny planes that look like toys. And whats the point of cutting off the power? Many colombo buildings have generators. When i went up to the rooftop of my house to see what the fuss was all about, there were lights everywhere even though it was a 'blackout' but the air was thick with smoke from the anti aircraft gunfire. Whats the point of the govt just aimlessly firing into the sky? Just a waste of expensive ammo. And they STILL didn't catch the planes!! They should try getting to the planes BEFORE they drop the bombs. No point firing into the air after the damage is done. Idiots.

  3. No...those plans are not belongs to LTTE...
    The mission was completed by Indian air force.They have control to Indra radar system which was given wrong infomation to SLAir force. Three latest fighter jets take off from unknown base in india , after hitting the target within 5 min it laned in same air base.This is the gift from indian gaverment to Thamilnadu protect the parliment.


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