Friday, October 17, 2008

Soldiers Enter LTTE Heartlands Mulathive & Kilinochchi - Video

Sri Lankan troops on "Wanni Operation" have entered LTTE terror outfits in nothern Sri Lankan despite of rainy whether conditions. Video from MOD Sri Lanka. 


  1. Srilankan Army or LTTE may gain victory. But Human life is more precious and irreversible. Nobody knows when the war will end. The evil war made thousands of widows and thousands of people lost their life. Many people worries about battle victory, but few of them only worrying about soldier's family or LTTE member's family. I am strongly against war.

  2. You are partially correct. But not totally correct. Of course human life is more precious and it's also true that when will the war end. But my dear friend, the war between SL Army and LTTE is not to capture a foreign land for resources. It is for eliminate terrorism from this country. Your opinion is well suited for the war in Iraq by USA. But not for Sri Lanka. If SL Army is just observing all the killings, bomb blasts, kidnapings by LTTE and doing nothing like puppets it is not what they are intended for. They are fighting for PEACE among all civilians!

  3. I don’t think there’s anything left to talk about this war. Talking has been going on for the past 30 years and nothing practically has been done until recently. There is no question about war in any case, any country. Ethically any war is immoral what ever the motive and cannot be accepted on humanitarian grounds. And again it’s not about supporting or going against the war it’s about coming up with solutions to a chronic problem. We can’t afford to loose Sri Lankans anymore. So I think its better we finish off with what we have started. I am happy for the first comment with much concern about life and survival. But in the long run it will be better we keep our comments gulped because our words will never count. After all whether it’s SL ARMY or LTTE those who are talking are not the people doing this war, It’s the innocent commoner the soldier who’s facing the battle front. Well that’s the way things are and we can’t change certain things. For better or worse all I can do is wish for peace in this country. And the war should definitely carry on! ” My middle finger goes to Hon.karunanidhi and his KDMP members!”


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