Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mobitel Upahara Vs Dialog Blaster

Revolutionary postpaid package "Upahara" is selling like hot cakes these days and could be the most successful post paid package ever in Sri Lankan mobile market. In the meantime Blaster from Dialog has become a good opponent for Upahara. But it seems due to the nature of the advertising by both companies it has become a real mess  selecting a suitable package. There fore thought of doing a comparison between Upahara and Blaster.

                                  Mobitel Upahara                   Dialog Blaster  
Free Minutes      :                1000                                 1000

Free Minutes      :      Mobitel, SLT, Suntel           Only Dialog GSM
  Applicable to         LankaBell, Dialog CDMA

After 1000 to       :                0.50                                    2 

After 1000 to       :                0.50                                    3       
Other fixed

After 1000 to       :                  3                                       3
Other Mobile

Incoming             :                Free                                    Free

Monthly Rental    :                240                                     300

Connection          :               1500                                   1500

One disadvantage of Upahara is it only available for state sector workers and pensioners. But Upahara is much more cheaper than Dialog when we consider the call charges and average amount that we will be spending monthly. Upahara subscribers have the full freedom of talking an Mobitel, SLT, Dialog CDMA, Suntel, Lankabell number absolutely free of charge where Dialog users have to pay Rs 3 per every minute. However Upahara charges Rs 0.50 between 6.00 pm and 12.00 pm which could be another drawback.
However there are reports that Mobitel is also going to unveil a package for all Sri Lankans and it would be much better than everything on market hopefully.


  1. Dialog is best on coverage...

  2. dialog suckz
    mobitel roxxx

  3. Have you confirmed that the Mobitel 1000 mins is available for CDMA operators? Coz they are not essentially fixed line operators.

  4. yes, i confirmed it with Mobitel customer care as well as it is stated in Upahara FAQ document which is available on http://mobitel.lk/pdf/upahara_faq.pdf. yes, but AFAIK CDMA are also a category of fiexed lines (Wireless Fiexed Lines).

  5. Mobitel Is the Best because they seems not only think of the profit but to offer some advantage to customers. Ofcource Mobitel is 49% Government because SLT. Dialog is just a ousider!!

  6. Whatever u say..
    Mobitel wil b da 1 & only trusted netwok in da futur.. So now it self chuse MOBITEL 2 avoid da inconvenience when de otherz get bak...
    -well wisher frm Kandy..

  7. these facts are not true. further dialog offers per second billing and the per min charges are wrong.

    Also Dialog offers Value added services Free of Charge with the package.

  8. i know one thing dialog is s Shit...
    why i am telling like this is i have acivated dialog Blaster middle of billing cycle i have given only for remaining days 323 miniutes(Prorate basis) but they charged full amount from us.
    other thing is i am in a group package they have reduce my group talking time from blaster even though those are free before i dont why dialog is doing like this dialog sapawewa...........

  9. They seem to be expanding UPAHARA services... they recently gave to pojjya packsha.

    They may eventually make it their main Post Paid package I think. So even private sector can enjoy it. hopefully.

    Dialog 1000 package I activated. But within 3weeks I had a 1000 rupee bill... dunno how really. Did not talk much either,

  10. Another point is in Upahara 3G 1kb is 1 cent Dialog it is 2cents. And mobitel 3G speed and coverage is much superior to that of Dialog.


  12. Hey.....! UPAHARA IS THE BEST....! I have to say that...! when Dialog BLASTER is on Per second billing....! but Dialog 1 Min is a 30 sec....! but in Mobitel...! a Min is 45 sec....! SO....! MOBITEL IS THE BEST...!

  13. @ danusha rodrigo
    what? please explain

  14. Mobitel is for cheapish people. Dialog is for Posh people !!

  15. Mobitel roxx.... dialog sucks.... Dialog won't be cheaper that way... check the mms charges.... dialog charges for all incoming mms too...(gprs charges) bt mobitel free.... u can even fwd ur emails to ur mobitel without extra cost... I have used all the networks... bt my favor is mobitel...cos they are relieble... easy... no hidden charges...
    try ur self....

  16. HI Everybody.. Airtel had a soft launch this month at Mt' Lavinia Hotel. According to top official who flew here, Airtel is not interested about the Srilankan market they only want to re-rout all the international calls from India from Srilanka which has the cheapest International phone charges in the region, Airtel has more than 75 MILLION customers in india, And their daily income is equal to the monthly income of Dialog who is the biggest mobile operator in srilanka with about 5 Million customers (do I need to say about mobitel). So People have some patient when they launch get yourself a Sim cause they'll undercut everyone else Cause you'll have to throw the UPEHARA/BLASTER to the bin.......

  17. if you only considered about the mobitel, you can choose the mobitel. otherwise if you interested in coverage, service, VAS..etc.. you have to select dialog.

  18. @ sampath
    VAS of dialog???? whats so special. mobitel also has.
    coverage???? check HSPA coverage and talk! its the real future, not the future you see with dialog.
    see the difference of video call rate, internet rate and rates of high tech things. why go behiend dialog???

  19. @ sampath what arec the vas you mean? you mean that high cost useless vas like Song Catcher,backgroung music,Life time Bonus highly charge downloads from their web site.I am thankful for mobitel not to introduse such a rubish.You cant even think about MObitel HSPA.It provides HSPA s highest speed.14.4 Mbps.Real 3.5g experience This kind of technology only have few Countries.They provide 1024Kbps internet speed to 3G Mobiles.Dialog only give normal 3G speed.And Mobitel charge same rate as voice calls for video calls.GPRS charges also very low.And Lowest call charges.Do you want to know how Dialog chete customers google about Kalingas blog.You will found it.

  20. Still Dialog is the best of everything. mobitel cant compete with Blaster. Since everyone use dialog and 1000 free minutes for all through the day, not like Mobitel, its simply the best. I reduced my 2700 monthly bill to 550 rupees

  21. for all of you who praise mobitel, pls make a note of this. I used a upahara pkg for almost three months, & on the 1st month bill i was not charged for the calls which i made to Tigo nos. but on the second month bill i was charged for some nos which i never know. i complained to them but same thing happened on the 3rd month as well. i was really dissapointed with their service. but when it comes to dialog they have never cheated with the bill when i was using a dialog pkg. their service is superb when comparing to mobitel. mobitel people they sell the connection & the deal is over. no after service, no caring to the customer, nothing. dialog sells the connection Keep in touch with the customer, & wins the heart of the customer. as we all know good things, they are not cheap. good things always has it's best value. dialog deserves to have these rates as they are giving a value to the customer. all hail to dialog, i wish them all the best. they are the no.1, & they will remain as the no.1.

  22. Mobitel tariff revision has made for DoubleM packages. According to Mobitel unofficial reports, It said DoubleM 1000 package free Minutes have to be increased from 200 mins to 600 Mins.

    DIALOG IS the Waste
    according to my personnel experience

  24. using mobitel or Dialog doesnt make u cheap or rich. Cheap or rich is who u are. A mobile phone number isnt goin to change that.

    Thats just a godey thinking. if u think dialog makes u posh. haha!

  25. @Anonymous 3:57 PM, January 10, 2009

    Clearly u haven't used Mobitel. can say by ur comment. even the end part how u praise Dialog. pls be kind enogh to use it befor u comment. i for 1 have used both.. belive me.. Mobitel always had a good cust.care. even when they didnt have attractive pakages, they always had good cust. care,
    mobitel is more solid, now more than befor.

    "1st month bill i was not charged for the calls which i made to Tigo nos." - this can be because of ur billing date. not all connections starts on the 1st of every month. it depends on the day u buy it. and it is mention on ur 1st bill itself.

    "but on the second month bill i was charged for some nos which i never know." - dude this means u've had it... most prbly someone is usin ur mobile witout ur knowledge. or if u have given ur mobile to fix and some smart ass cloned ur sim. and by the way? how did u get the DETAIL BILL??? did u go to Mobitel HO??? if so, Y didnt u complain them there????

    Mobitel have and never will charge for the mobile no's u dont take. in history there are many incidents wher cus. complained and insised in even taking a voice cut recordings of a month, and have returned home red when they hear some of there family members voice and realized that that person (who ever the Family member) have taken the cals without his knowledge and the embarrassment after... so dont lie just because u like Dialog. if ur a lair dont write on blogs like this.

  26. We need good mobitel post paid packages!!!
    Don't mention dialog's bloody name even!! Shit OTTU

  27. Mobitel is for uncool cheap-skates.... So all you lot praising Mobitel are just cheap-skates.... Mobitel doesn't even cover Colombo city properly....

  28. upahara can get any gov't worker, so how can get other peoples?,,, dialog can get any one easyly show any billing proof.

  29. think it is a Mobitel person who add above (anonymous 8:35 PM, April 16, 2009)?

    Dude it is very obvious. your long answer dfending yourself.

  30. Mine is the same here... I have a group uni package of Dialog Blaster....Its totaly a shit....Im paying 1000 every month which I cant believe how they make charges... If they think we have a high swiching cost they are wrong... sooner o later i will shift to hutch package or mobitel....I feel lyk dialog cheeting on customers.... My rental is 350!, tax around 250! others are call charges though I call with in group most of the time....Dialog go to hell


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