Friday, October 24, 2008

Musician Premasiri Kemadasa Passes Away

Famouse Sri Lankan music composer Premasiri Kemadasa has passed away this evening at the age of 71.Mr Kemadasa also knows as "Kemadasa Master" well known for exploring the various styles of music around the world and endeavored to develop his very own style of music. He combined Sinhala folk tunes, Western music, Hindustani music  and many other styles of music in his compositions.
Mr Kemadasa is an old boy of  Sri Sumangala College and St. John’s College, Panadura.


  1. Sagara said...
    Mastro kemadasa has done his part to the music world.....His name will last for ever...............No other musician that linked our country style with international music styles.......BUT..

    What we are actually doing today ??????
    May he attain nibbana..........

    sagara deshapriya


    you are living in our heart everyday...!!!

    shanaka kariyawasam

  3. There is no word to introduce him . He is universal.

  4. mr dinesh subasinghe is very happy now because Dr.Kemadasa has passed he can forget about his so called "Haththa" and think about Masters famous Operahs...Because he is Crazy about cash...please make a way to protect masters works from that fox...that will be the most wonderfull thing that we can do for this legendry maestro....

  5. He has passed away but he will live within our hearts forever....

  6. One of the best legends in the music history...!!!
    Sir, you live in our hearts....

  7. dinesh got survived from drc members.his talant was blackmaild by that he is in real place.with A.R RAHMAN,S ACADAMMY.studing and working for south indian

  8. dinesh subasinghe is the next kemadasa,thats for sure


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