Monday, October 06, 2008

Maj General Janaka Perera, Dr John Pulle Killed in a suicide Attack

UNP North Central Province opposition leader Maj General Janaka Perera has been killed by a suicide blast near the Anuradhapura old bus stand this morning. Explosion as taken place around 8.45 a.m this morning inside the United National Party office in Anuradhapura.
According to the available information, 22 persons including wife of Mr Janaka Perera, UNP organizer of Anuradhapura district Dr John Pulle and his wife, several UNP provincial council members were among the victims.
Most of the victims were those who participating for the opening ceromony of the UNP Anuradhapura office.


  1. Very sad about the story. He was an excellent Army commander.

    However in his final days, he joined wrong politics with UNP's pro-LTTE leader called Ranil Wicramasignhe (who destroyed the reputation of UNP). He had to do a complete opposite thing to his 30+ year Army career after he started politics with UNP due to the fact that he had to listen to Ranil.

    However, people of Sri Lanka still loves this person as an Army officer and definetly not because of his politics.

  2. thunder,
    Thanks for commenting on the news. However as our bloggers beleive the reader should be more responsible not to use controvertial words when commenting on famous persons and political parties. Please make sure that your comment does not insult others, specially on controvertial matters.

  3. actually that is true. Mr. Janaka is a war hero however and only mistake he did was joining the wrong party. If he joined SLFP which has a more favor on defeating terrorism by war, it will be more beneficial for the whole country.

  4. People whould have the roght to join what ever the party concern wow can we syas right or worng party. its a choice. lets not insult the ded person now !


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