Wednesday, February 06, 2008


The following actions will protect your life, and help protect others’ lives and property.


  • DO be watchful of your surroundings at all times, during regular office hours, after office hours, and on weekends.
  • DO NOT hang around the area where the suspected bomb is located. Leave the place immediately.
  • DO report immediately to your security any unattended items that you notice.
  • DO call the following numbers to get emergency assistance: 118, 119, 24-33333 (Police Emergency), or 243-4253 / 2244-057 (bomb squad).
  • DO NOT place yourself in exposed areas (near glass windows for example) and DO NOT peep out to see what is happening when you hear bombs: you might get directly in harm’s way and make yourself an easy target.
  • DO move away immediately and crouch down if you hear any sound of gun-fire or any other similar sound or should you observe an unusual crack suddenly developing on the glass sheets.
  • DO be as calm as possible. If someone else takes charge of the situation follow him/her without hesitation.
  • DO help to vacate the building – when necessary - in an urgent and orderly manner.
  • DO NOT make any unnecessary movements and decisions before ascertaining the situation around you properly (For example, if it is an attack on the building, floors above or below you could be affected.You must be mindful of this when exiting.)
  • DO ensure that your attire does not hinder movement in an emergency (For example high heels may cause injury in an emergency evacuation). Abandon immediately any sharp / protruding objects you may be carrying in these situations.


  • DO observe the behavior of Customers, Vendors, Messengers, Delivery Boys, etc. as and when time permits and notify your security or manager immediately if anything unusual is observed. Exercise your right tactfully and without the notice of the person concerned so that you protect yourself, other staff members, and the property of the institution without jeopardizing the institution and its customer relations.

Thank you for reading these life-saving tips. Please pass this on to people you know!

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  1. General Advice

    · Minimize non-essential traveling

    · Let your colleagues know your whereabouts in case if you go out

    · Avoid crowded areas and public events

    · Avoid heavy traffic and have an alternative route plan

    · Avoid traveling close proximity to VIP motor vehicles and military vehicles

    · Amend your journey plan to avoid main intersections wherever possible

    · Be conscious of unattended parcels and advice security personnel of such items

    · Do not try or check contents of unattended parcels.

    · Do not accept parcels from unknown people and ensure that you identify yourself when sending parcels to others too.

    · If your vehicle is parked at a public place, inspect your vehicle before you move

    · Make available your emergency contact no, blood group and Rh code with you (attach with the ID card).

    · Keep a brief summary of your medical history and allergies to medicines if any

    · Display your contact no by pasting it on the front sun visor of your vehicle enabling police or security personnel to contact you in case of an emergency if your vehicle is parked in a public area

    · Avoid areas where politicians & high ranking military leaders live when traveling

    · Keep your radio on when driving/traveling

    · Keep your mobile phone with you and ensure its charged all the time

    · Keep your family, friends & colleagues informed of your daily travel plans and movements

    · Do not stop for or give a ride to strangers on the road.

    · Take Care & Stay Safe


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