Thursday, February 07, 2008

Sri Lanka Electricity Bills To Increase From 1st of March

Ceylon Electricity Board is about to increase the electricity bills from 1st of March to overcome the shortage of income. At present CEB sells power at a loss and economists have warned several times about the risk behind this scenario. Although Sri Lanka mainly used hydro power early days, now oil has became the major source of fuel for electricity generation .
Present electricity charges are as follows.

Apart from these charges there is another fixed charge of 20% for consumers who use more than 90 units. Under new electricity tariff revision 20% increment will be applied to all these charges.In the meantime price of an electricity unit will be increased to Rs 5.00 for 31-60, will be decreased to Rs 12.00 for 91-180 and Rs 18.00 for 180 above. Another fixed rental of Rs 90.00 will be introduced in "Bad Times" apart from the oil adjustment charges. However so called "Bad Time" is not defined yet,but believed will be the times which oil price goes high.

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