Thursday, February 21, 2008

A Controversial Cheer At Sri Lanka-India Cricket Match in Australia

The presence of some spectators at the Sri Lanka India cricket matct of controversy compelling officials to remove politically slanted placards supportive of the LTTE carried by these spectators, an Australian newspaper reported yesterday.
It said before the dayh at the Manuka Oval earlier this week provoked a certain amoun's play at least 200 fans wearing red T-shirts with the words 'Voice of Tamils' and 'Where is the Humanity', stood outside the gates accompanied by drummers, dancers and whistles. Ground officials, claiming to be acting on behalf of Cricket Australia, prevented two members of the group from entering the grounds and they were advised not to display Tamil flags.
Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam (LTTE) is a most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world and they are fighting for a separate land in the northern province of Sri Lanka. As they spread terrorism everywhere, hundreds of innocent people including Sinhalese,Tamils and Muslims become victims oo LTTE's terrorist activities.
Pro-LTTE groups use human rights violations as a mean of raising funds for military activities. But most of this human rights violations are done buy LTTE itself in northern part of Sri Lanka.Recently LTTE was so crucial enough to attack a Catholic Church in Sri Lanka also.

Read more about LTTE activities in the world.

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