Saturday, February 02, 2008

LTTE Bomb at Dambulla-Sri Lanka Targets Innocent Civilians Going for Religious Observances [Updated]

Suspected powerful LTTE claymore bomb has been exploded near Dambulla public bus stand targeting a group of innocent civilians who are going for lotus flower sermons. 20 civilians have died from this incident where 14 of them are women. More than 50 have been inured and some of them are in a critical situation. Patients have already been transferred to Dambulla Kandy and Anutadhapura hospitals.

Bus has started it's journey from Kandy at about 5.15 am and were plying to Anuradhapura. Bomb blast has taken place at around 7.05 am near Dambulla hospital. Defence spokesman Brig. Udaya Nanayakkara told most of tis civilians were going for a Buddhist observances called "Nelum mal poojawa"- a religious ceremony which serve lotus flowers to Lord Buddha as a respectation.
LTTE, a group of Tamils who are fighting for a separate land are launching terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka since 1983. However LTTE is blacklisted as a terrorist organisation all over the world and proved that they have direct connections with Al-Quida.
Meanwhile it is observed that official website of Ministry of Defence (MOD) - Sri Lanka website which went offline due to high network traffic,is now fully functional
Pictures and videos will be uploaded.

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  1. Whatever the LTTE dogs do, Government should not stop sweeping until last LTTE member killed. No other option. Also civilians must be more vigilant to prevent such occurrences.


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