Saturday, February 23, 2008

Watchful Passenger Saves Lives of Dozens of Civilians from Mount Lavinia Bomb Blast

Taking another step more in LTTE’s ruthless violations series, another LTTE parcel bomb has been exploded tomorrow morning near Mount Lavinia(just outside Colombo, Sri Lanka) this morning(23rd of February)inside a passenger bus.18 passengers including a baby have suffered minor injuries from this incident.
However it is revealed that a major disaster which was going to happen has been avoided due to watchfulness of a civilian who was traveling in the same bus. He has noticed a suspicious bag which was on the shelf and he has informed it to the conductor. Acting on his information, conductor has warned all the passengers to flee out of the bus and at the same time driver has taken the bus to a safer place.
Just after all passengers vacate from the bus, the bomb has exploded. Unless the passenger had informed or conductor was not active on that information dozens of innocent civilian lives may have been destroyed.
[Pictures of Mount Lavinia Bomb Blast :From MOD]

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